Auto Burglary/Fraud

Wanted for Questioning for Auto Burglary/Fraud

Sent: 2015-05-20 @ 16:03 Case: 15-11972 Author: S. Keller



On 5-20-15, two vehicles within one block of each other were burglarized. This occurred in Mountain House, CA, and the females shown above are believed to be the suspects. In this case, a vehicle was burglarized and a purse stolen out of it, containing two credit cards. One of these cards was used at the Walmart in Manteca, and the loss was $204.70. These females are wanted for questing regarding the auto burglary and the fraudulent charge at Walmart. 

In the top picture, the female to the left is one suspect, Hispanic female, wearing a white/black shirt, black jacket and blue jeans, with black hair, and heavy set, with a profile of her in the bottom picture. 

The second suspect is shown in the bottom picture appears to be a Hispanic female, wearing a black coat, blue jeans, carrying a brown purse(matches victims description), with red hair, and glasses, tall and thin.

If anyone is familiar with either of this suspects, please contact Deputy Keller  at (209) 468-4400.

South County Crime Stoppers is offering a cash reward leading to the arrest of these two individuals. If you do call Crime Stoppers you do not have to give your name. The crime stoppers number is 209-823-4636.